When Animals Attack ... on Tubi TV: Black Water

In honor of shark attack film 47 Meters Down in theaters today, we wanted to share our favorite movies when animals attack … on Tubi TV. We know that in real life, mosquitos are the deadliest creatures on the planet, but that doesn’t stop us from shaking in our seat during horror films that pit man against much larger animals. But if someone makes a good mosquito movie, we’ll definitely be there.

When Animals Attack … on Tubi TV

When Animals Attack ... on Tubi TV: Black Water

Black Water (2007)

Australians have first-hand experience with deadly predators, so it’s no surprise that they make solid horror movies featuring their native killer animals. This thriller finds three tourists trapped in a swamp, where they’re being stalked by a persistent crocodile. It’s enough to make us reroute our vacation to New Zealand.


When Animals Attack ... on Tubi TV: Burning Bright

Burning Bright (2010)

It’s man vs. nature times two in this gripping little gem. Burning Bright would work if it were simply siblings (Briana Evigan and Charlie Tahan) trying to escape a tiger or a hurricane. Combining the threat into one makes it that much scarier for the brother and sister trapped in the house with their stepfather’s hungry pet tiger while a storm swirls outside


When Animals Attack on Tubi TV: Frozen (2010)

Frozen (2010)

The main danger in this thriller from Adam Green is the cold itself, but the wolves aren’t too far behind. When three skiers are trapped on a ski lift for the night, they struggle to survive. Since it’s coming from the director of Hatchet, you know it won’t end with the trio sipping hot cocoa in the lodge and talking about the time they were stuck for 20 minutes. This movie is brutal.


When Animals Attack ... on Tubi TV: Cujo

Cujo (1983)

Man’s best friend turns enemy in this adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, and even the notoriously picky writer liked this version of his story. A mother (Dee Wallace) and her son (Danny Pintauro) try to avoid the jaws of a formerly cute (but now rabid) St. Bernard. Dog lovers beware.


When Animals Attack ... on Tubi TV: Squirm

Squirm (1976)

Worms seem harmless, right? Not so in this vintage creature feature. In Squirm, a storm destroys a power line in a small town, and the denizens of the dirt are not happy to share the ground with electricity. They react by attacking their human neighbors in some seriously gross ways. Don’t blame us if you start to freak out the next time you see the pink earthworms that show up after the rain.


We also love Jaws (duh), The ShallowsThe GreyOpen WaterThe BirdsMonkey Shines, and Rogue. Honorable mention goes to Black Sheep and Deep Blue Sea, which are less scary and more funny. What are your favorite movies when animals attack?


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