Happy birthday to Jackie Chan! We have lots of love for the beloved master of martial arts action movies here at Tubi TV, and to celebrate Chan’s 63rd birthday, we’re counting down some of the moments that embody what he does best: blending death-defying action and brilliant comedy. Here are the eight funniest fights scenes from Jackie Chan’s movies.


8. Drunken Master II (1994)

While his character’s sloppy but masterful antics are hilarious throughout the entire film, this final fight between Chan and his rival in a factory is stunningly funny. Little PSA here, kids, please don’t try this at home, industrial alcohol doesn’t pump you up like Popeye’s spinach.


7. First Strike (1979)

The number of times Chan swung through, into, and around the ladder in this scene without breaking his own neck (or hands, or knee…) is impressive. It’s almost as impressive as the genuine belly laugh induced by the unexpected way the scene ends when Chan’s character finds himself outnumbered by the bad guys.


6. Tuxedo (2002)

This is the best one-legged fight scene in a movie, hands down. Chan schools a gang of thugs with just one leg while he’s trying to put his pants on. I think we can all relate. Plus, Chan shows off his usual mastery of physical acting by managing to sell the idea that the artificially intelligent pants are the ones controlling all the movement.


5. Rush Hour 3 (2007)

He could REALLY use some backup here! Too bad Chan’s partner, played by Chris Tucker, isn’t quite catching on to the danger his partner is in. In his defense though, I guess an assassination can easily sound like a hookup under the right circumstances…


4. Shanghai Knights (2003)

The revolving door of a hotel lobby in the 1880s sets the scene for a head-spinning chase between Jackie and a gang of bumbling cops.


3. Who Am I (1998)

Jackie serving up a martial arts smackdown to two thugs in the streets of Amsterdam while wearing Dutch wooden clogs is a sight I never thought I’d see, but that’s because I underestimated the Magic of the Chan. Now I’m going to think twice about pissing off anyone when a pair of klompen are nearby.

2. Chinese Zodiac (2012)

Jackie battles oncoming security guards with a flashing camera on a tripod, leaping back and forth through an empty picture frame to evade his attackers, and accidentally taking a pretty nice profile shot while doing it.


 1. City Hunter (1993)

This one wins on weirdness points alone. Chan’s acrobatic martial arts skills take on video-game levels of absurdity in this scene from the zany movie based on a Japanese manga. Chan plays a private eye on the search for the runaway daughter of a publishing tycoon. When an attack from a bad guy sends him flying into a video game console, he goes through a shocking transformation that gives him the upper hand. There are really no words to describe what happens next. You have to watch it for yourself.



Jackie Chan has had a very long career, so there’s a good chance that we didn’t get to one of the scenes you love most.  Which movie from this list is your favorite? What Jackie Chan fight scene has left you rolling with laughter? If this list put you in the mood to watch even more fantastic fight scenes from the master of action, we have Crime Story, Police Story, City Hunter, and other Jackie Chan classics streaming free day and night on Tubi TV!

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