James Purefoy, Injustice

Hello, fellow MurderinosSerial fans, Making a Murderer devotees, and Investigation Discovery addicts. You’re in a safe space, and we won’t judge you for mainlining all the crime shows, dramas, and podcasts you can. We also won’t insult you by recommending Inspector Morse(You’ve watched it, right?) But if you think you’ve seen them all, Tubi TV has some hidden gems that might have escaped you in your creepy quest.

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Brenda Blethyn and David Leon, Vera

If you’ve already devoured British procedurals Luther and The Fall like so many Maltesers, Vera may be your next binge. Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn stars as DCI Vera Stanhope, who tries to rid Northumberland of all its unsolved murder mysteries while charming us with her wit. We also don’t mind the handsome presence of David Leon as DS Joe Ashworth.


Killers Behind Bars

David Wilson, Killers Behind Bars

Exactly how many people did serial killers murder? With the insight and knowledge of Professor of Criminology David Wilson, this British series delves into the additional crimes that notorious murderers in the United Kingdom may have committed.



Injustice, James Purefoy

Before starring in The Following and Hap and Leonard, James Purefoy led this UK miniseries about a defense barrister (that’s “attorney” for all you non-Brits) who comes to question his life’s work–and the legal system that surrounds it. The psychological element adds nice depth to this thriller.



Underbelly: Razor

Underbelly: Razor

My Favorite Murder fans know that Australia has more than its share of murders. The Underbelly series spends each of its seasons focused on different historical crimes, but we’re partial to Underbelly: RazorIn 1920s Sydney, Tilly Devine and rival Kate Leigh battle it out to be the queen of the city’s underworld. Come for the look into a mob scene you’ve never heard about; stay for the slinky dresses and bobs.


America’s Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil

America's Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil

Albert Fish. H.H. Holmes. John Wayne Gacy. The Green River Killer. This series covers the world’s worst murderers in depth, including clips of movies about their crimes. You may know the stories, but America’s Serial Killers: Portraits in Evil adds additional gory details (that you may be better off not knowing).


Crime Files: The Homefront

Crime Files: The Homefront

Chances are, after watching this disturbing true crime series, you will feel much better about your own dysfunctional family. Crime Files: The Homefront focuses on crimes committed together by family members–or against relatives. Menendez Brothers, Drew Peterson, and Scott Peterson anchor the show amidst lesser-known, but still fascinating cases.


The F.B.I. Files


Though its first episode focuses on the notoriously sad case of Polly Klaas, this show from the 1990s and 2000s features a number of stories that will be new to true crime fans. An oldie but a goodie, it aired on Discovery Channel, so some episodes may be familiar to you, but you can catch up on all of them in one place on Tubi.

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