Jordan Horowitz, Jimmy Kimmel, and Warren Beatty, The Oscars

We’re still cleaning up from our Oscar party, but what will linger longer than the pizza crusts and Solo cups (we’re classy) are the memorable moments from the show. We love awards season here at Tubi TV, and we’ll make the time pass till next year by watching past Oscar winners and nominees, all streaming free on Tubi.

The official Oscars hub at Giphy has plenty of amazing gifs, but here are some of our favorites:

5. The tour group’s delight

These tour group members are all of us. Though it went on a bit long, this segment put us into the shoes of regular people walking through that room of Hollywood actors, directors, and more and just being so excited to be there. Let’s be honest: we’d probably be taking selfies, too.

4. Sunny Pawar’s love of candy

Sunny Pawar and Jimmy Kimmel, The Oscars

If you haven’t seen Lion, then you haven’t fully experienced how wonderful Sunny Pawar is as the film’s young hero. But even these few minutes of talk about candy (Mike and Ikes!), the actor showed why he’s such a winning presence in the movie. See it now, with Mike and Ikes and tissues in hand.

3. Jimmy Kimmel’s epic burn of Matt Damon

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, The Oscars

And by “epic burn,” we mean that basically the whole show was one long dig at Matt Damon. We had thought that the fake rivalry would feature prominently in the event given their fake feud, but it was even bigger than we had guessed from the not-so-subtle teasing about his “effortful” performance in We Bought a Zoo to the orchestra playing during his presenting with Ben Affleck.

2. Katherine Johnson of Hidden Figures gracing the stage

Katherine Johnson, The Oscars

Hollywood can be self-congratulatory–and never more so than at its awards shows like the Oscars–so it’s wonderful to see them celebrating a true hero. Hidden Figures might have missed out on taking any statuettes home, but it’s great that the Academy Awards gave Katherine Johnson, one of the real-life figures that inspired the movie, her time to shine and the most deserved standing ovation of the night. Sorry, Meryl.

1. Moonlight winning Best Picture


It’s the next day, and we’re still in shock. La La Land being announced as the winner when it was actually Moonlight‘s victory was the biggest mistake in Oscar history, but it was largely handled with class, especially by La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz. These are both great films, and we hope that this moment doesn’t eclipse the real story that Moonlight is deserving of this honor.

What moments from the Oscars are you still talking about? Watch past Academy Awards favorites for free in our Awards Season category.