Freaks and Geeks had it all. One of the greatest comedic casts ever assembled. Classic characters. Iconic moments. Few shows fire on all cylinders like Freaks and Geeks. So what happened? It lasted for one stinkin’ season.

Television shows meeting their maker after one season or even less is hardly unique. Per Business Insider in 2013 (via, 25% of shows are canceled after only one season.

But we’re talking about Freaks and Geeks. The show that launched Seth Rogen and James Franco. The show that featured this suit:

Freaks and Geeks Suit

What if it hadn’t been canceled? What if this was How I Met Your Mother, before How I Met Your Mother? Would it still be Freaks and Geeks, or would it be just another show? Would it be the greatest show of all time?

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