Kevin Smith Yoga Hosers Trailer

Two second-generation, Hollywood ingenues; Johnny Depp with a huge prosthetic nose; and a Nazi bratwurst (or Bratzi) — the insane trailer for Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers has it all.

In Smith’s unhinged version of teen comedy, two Canadian high-school girls, who work at a convenience store (Canadian-ly named the “Eh-2-Zed”), end up fighting a bunch of evil sausages with the help of a “legendary man-hunter from Quebec” (Depp). If that premise sounds stupid to you, well, Smith agrees. As the director put it, “This is pretty stupid. And I’d probably go one better. This is a pretty fucking stupid movie.” But stupid doesn’t necessarily mean unwatchable, and this trailer, with all of its Bratzis and over-the-top French Canadian accents, does seem like the kind of borderline offensive movie that could end up being a cult hit.

But whether or not you end up liking this movie really doesn’t matter to Smith. The director has said that he made Yoga Hosers for himself, and “as an excuse to make something fun with his family.” Indeed, this movie is truly a family affair. The two leads — and titular yoga hosers — are played by Smith’s daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp. The girls are apparently best friends in real life.

You may recognize the younger Smith and Depp from their small cameos (as their Yoga Hosers characters) in the elder Smith’s Tusk — a comic-horror film, starring Justin Long. Tusk and Yoga Hosers are the first two parts of Smith’s planned True North Trilogy — three oddball horror films set in Canada. The final film, described as “Jaws with a moose,” will be called Moose Jaw.

Yoga Hosers will hit theaters July 29. Check out the trailer below.

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