Black Widow Marvel

Over at Marvel Studios, everyone from Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor are set to star in upcoming stand-alone sequels. Yet, we still haven’t seen the first stand-alone Black Widow movie or even been given any kind of indication the one might be in the works … until now. When asked about the hero he’s most interested in focusing on in the future, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said that he is “creatively and emotionally committing” to doing a Black Widow film. Yep, we might just get to see Natasha Romanoff kick butt solo.

Of course, it would have been nice if Feige had said that, in addition to being “creatively and emotionally” committed to seeing the character star in her own film, he was also financially committed to the idea and currently in pre-production, but his response is still better than nothing. Plus, he does actually appear to see the merit in a Black Widow project, which should comfort the character’s fans.

We think she’s an amazing character. We think Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of her is amazing. She’s a lead Avenger and has amazing stories in her own right to tell that we think would be fun to turn into a stand-alone franchise.

Even though she has been playing second fiddle in Avengers films, the red-haired assassin does have a vital role in the superhero franchise and in the Marvel Universe, in general — on top of showing up in all of the Avengers movies, she also was a central character in Iron Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In the past, Johansson has expressed vague interest in flying solo, saying “I think that there’s room for a stand-alone movie.

If Black Widow does get her own film, let’s hope that she isn’t erased from the movie’s inevitable toy sets the way she was when the Avengers: Age of Ultron action figures were released.

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