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Reality TV fixture Tiffany “New York” Pollard opened up about her recent miscarriage while on comedian Steve Harvey’s talk show. Pollard’s mother, Michelle “Sister” Patterson, joined her on Harvey’s couch, and coolly confessed to not believing that Pollard was ever pregnant.

During the emotional chat, Pollard describes the pain of losing the pregnancy and calls her mother out for doubting her. To which a smirking Patterson asks, “That’s right, and where’s the baby?”

Uh, what?

Anyone who knows who Pollard, knows about her mother. Blunt and overbearing, Paterson was a volatile presence on her daughter’s reality dating series, I Love New York — fights, name-calling, and legendary shade-throwing were par for the course when it came to Paterson’s appearances, so it isn’t terribly shocking that she would say something so offensive and cruel to her daughter.

It also isn’t too shocking because the mother-daughter duo are currently starring on the reality series Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn — so they obviously have relationship issues. It was while on Family Therapy that Pollard discovered that she was pregnant. After experiencing cramping and spotting, Pollard was rushed to the hospital.

On Harvey’s show, Pollard’s miscarriage was treated with the concern and sympathy by everyone but Patterson. Harvey couldn’t tolerate Patterson’s behavior and let her have it. In doing so, Harvey became one of the few people to stand up to the woman.

This my show. I don’t really know what you all do on reality TV, but let me tell you about me,” he said. “I had enough about this right here. This right here, it’s crazy. You crazy.”


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