Hamilton Star Wars Jam

The rabid fandom that has emerged around the Tony-nominated musical Hamilton may, arguably, only be matched in intensity by the Star Wars fandom. Both groups, though, have a reason to celebrate this May 4. Not only is it Star Wars Day, but Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda just busted out a rendition of the new Star Wars cantina song with Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams on backup vocals.

In a YouTube video posted Wednesday, Miranda and Abrams are joined by musicians outside of the Richard Rodgers Theater in Manhattan. The jam session is all part of Ham4Ham — daily, 5-minute performances that Miranda and other members of the Hamilton cast put on for people gathered outside of the theater, vying for last-minute tickets to see the insanely popular musical.

As the adoring crowd screams, the group performs a reggae-hip hop groove called “Jabba Flow.” The song, which you can hear in The Force Awakens when the main characters walk into Maz Kanata’s castle, was written by Miranda and Abrams and performed by Shag Kava (Miranda and Abrams’ musical pseudonym). In the video, Miranda says that the lyrics are in “Huttese” (Jabba the Hutt’s language) and that they literally translate to “No lover, lover. It wasn’t me.”

Miranda, whose musical just won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and a Grammy, also co-wrote another Force Awakens ditty called “Dobra Doompa” with Abrams.

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