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Bubbly, bleach blonde Daisy De La Hoya was rejected by rock star Bret Michaels on his reality dating series Rock of Love 2. Fortunately, she was given the opportunity to mend the shattered pieces of her heart with her own reality dating competition, Daisy of Love. On the show, there was a lot of kissing and a lot of boozing, but mostly, there was a lot of hair. While some of Daisy’s suitors simply slathered one or two tubs of gel on their heads and molded their strands into a tiny, half-assed faux hawk, some of these dudes went above and beyond — they saw their hair as a canvas through which they could truly express themselves. Of the 20 contestants on the show, these are the 10 with the most impressive coiffures.

10. Flipper

Daisy of Love Flipper

Rocking a fuller version of the gelled up, Jersey Shore “blowout” (made famous by reality TV luminary Pauly D), Flipper’s hair is notable for its ability to maintain its basic inverted-isosceles-trapezoid shape even after he’s done about 10 backflips.

9. Dropout

Daisy of Love Dropout

His long hair is choppy and interesting and seems self-cut, which is very rock and roll. But the most audacious part of the style is his bangs — he puts Zooey Deschanel to shame.

8. Cage

Daisy of Love Cage

The two-toned dye job adds just enough oomph to Cage’s faux hawk to make him memorable. Also, his brown goatee and the dark strip of hair down the middle of his head are perfectly aligned — you gotta love that symmetry.

7. London

Daisy of Love London

London’s subdued mohawk (or business casual mohawk) is adorable. He gets props for committing to the style and actually shaving the sides of his head. If he’d accessorized his ‘do a little (with hair dye, glitter, bedazzling, etc.), he definitely would have landed closer to the top of this list.

6. Sinister

Daisy of Love Sinister

What you can’t tell from this photo is that Sinister has an elaborate undercut beneath what simply appears to be long, black, street magician hair. Now, that’s what I call a mindfreak. What’s more, the layers of his hair reflect the layers of his soul.

5. Cable Guy

Daisy of Love Cable Guy

Some people only pay attention to the hair on their head but Cable Guy stepped up his hair game by devoting a little time to his goatee, which he has braided.

4. Tool Box

Daisy of Love Tool Box

This mohawk-faux hawk hybrid is red and blue. Red and blue! Whether the style and color are meant to be a symbolic representation of political unity (red states and blue states coming together for the betterment of America) or a literal representation of indecisiveness, the look works for him.

3. ’84, ’85, and ’86

Daisy of Love 84 85 86

These Swedish hair band triplets don’t care about how anachronistic their ‘dos are. They’ve teased their hair, bleached it, flat ironed it, and fortified it with tons of hair spray — that kind of dedication deserves to be recognized.

2. Fox

Daisy of Love Fox

A glorious animalian mane infused with gel, Fox’s hair has understated caramel highlights and so much body. The whole style (which also includes a ponytail) is subtle but unique.

1. Torch

Daisy of Love Torch

Obviously, Torch’s nearly waist-lengthed, ombre hair earns the top spot. His head is a work of art.

[Images: Viacom Media Networks via Reality Tea]

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