Michael Cera in Twin Peaks

So far, the journey to the 2017 premiere of the new Twin Peaks continuation series has been as unpredictable as the original show’s plot. The latest strange production twist: Michael Cera, Trent Reznor, and Eddie Vedder will all be making appearances on the show. If that seems like a strange combo, then you have to check out the complete, 200-plus cast list released by Showtime, which boasts the most incredible and odd mix of performers imaginable.

When Showtime announced that it would be producing the Twin Peaks update, diehard fans of the ’90s cult drama (Peaks Freaks? The Coop Troop?) were excited to learn that Kyle MacLachlan and other members of the original cast would be returning. Enthusiasm for the project plummeted and was replaced by total outrage when David Lynch, the show’s co-creator (and the man credited with providing Twin Peaks with its eerie, WTF aesthetic) said that he was dropping out of the show — Showtime’s budget constraints were to blame. But, after coming to an agreement with the network, Lynch announced that he would direct. This casting news has to be exciting to fans (Peakers? Peakies?), who surely realize that a lineup this odd can only mean good things for the already bizarre Twin Peaks universe.

Check out the entire cast list below.

Twin Peaks Cast[The Verge]

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