Lil Bub in Nine Lives

In the upcoming family film Nine Lives, Christopher Walken magically traps Kevin Spacey inside the body of a cat. Basically, it’s the body swap comedy that we’ve all been waiting for. The premise alone is plenty exciting but, as the trailer for the movie reveals, celebricat Lil Bub makes a cameo. Honestly, it’s almost too much to handle.

Nine Lives feels like a spiritual successor to 2006’s Click. Both Adam Sandler in that earlier film and Spacey in this one are overworked dads who wind up in freaky situations after visiting Walken. Sandler gets a universal remote that allows him to control the events of his life; Spacey gets turned into a cat. Both appear to learn lessons about how important it is to value family over work. This movie, however, has cats in it — tons of them — and is required viewing for that reason alone.

Most of these cats are unknowns and that brings a rawness to their performances, which is palpable in this trailer. That being said, it was great to see Lil Bub — a successful calendar model, media star, and mogul. It must have been really inspiring for the other cats and Spacey to have her on set.

Nine Lives will be in theaters August 5.