Jon Snow and Siri

Game of Thrones is such a huge part of our collective, cultural consciousness that everyone knows what’s going down on the show — whether or not you actually watch it. Apparently the show has become such an inescapable phenomenon that “everyone” now includes Siri. Ask your iPhone’s “intelligent assistant” if Jon Snow is dead and you will get a surprising answer, as Scandal actress Kerry Washington found out.

Washington tweeted a screenshot of Siri’s response to the question, “Is Jon Snow dead?”

You know what? Siri has a point. While Game of Thrones fans have been agonizing over last season’s cliffhanger finale, no one has taken the time to think about what’s going to happen to Jon Snow’s faithful dire wolf, Ghost. Also, can someone get Kerry Washington a phone charger ASAP? She has just revealed herself to be the world’s leading Game of Thrones plot investigator, and her phone needs all the juice it can get in these final days before the show’s sixth season premieres on April 24.

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