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A new, pop-up Sailor Moon-themed cafe is opening in Tokyo in April, which proves that dreams do come true … if you live in Japan. The Chibiusa Cafe will revolve around the character Chibiusa — also known as Sailor Chibi Moon. In the Sailor Moon manga and anime series, Chibiusa is a bratty, pink-haired time-traveler. In fact, she’s so bratty that she has apparently become a divisive figure within the Sailor Moon fandom. We can only pray that Chibiusa devotees and detractors will be able to strike a momentary peace accord and bond over this cafe’s super kawaii menu.

Among the adorable treats that will be offered are the Sailor Moon Special Burger, which comes with star-shaped tater tots, and the Luna P Ball Berry Mouse.

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Some of the menu items, like the Heavenly Miracle Parfait and Chibiusa’s Custard Pudding, really capture the dreamy color palette of the Sailor Moon universe.

chibiusa cafe menu

The award for the best-named menu item goes to Tuxedo Mask’s Nihilistic Pasta.

sailor moon

Mmm … you can practically taste the nihilism, just by looking at that photo.

The Chibiusa Cafe will be located in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills complex, where a similar, Pokemon-themed pop-up was previously hosted. The cafe will only be around for a limited time, so make sure to book your plane tickets to Japan ASAP.

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