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22 years ago today, troubled musician Kurt Cobain took his own life in gruesome fashion. While the life of a rock star is certainly

remarkable, the two decades after his life proved to be weirder than he could ever anticipate. He was turned into a kind of rock-‘n’-roll saint, the James Dean of grunge, who tragically died too soon but left behind a lasting legacy — one that could be sold to consumers over and over again. Further, numerous conspiracy theories have swirled around his demise, including attempts to pin his death on his spouse, fellow rocker Courtney Love.

One of the first filmmakers to pry back the coffin lid was Nick Broomfield, through his controversial documentary Kurt & Courtney. In the film, while he does not specifically lay the blame for Kurt’s death at Courtney Love’s feet, he certainly fans the flames of suspicion, and labels her as a controlling force in Kurt’s life and legacy.

However it happened, Kurt’s death is nothing less than tragic, as fans were left imagining the kind of music he might have continued to make had he lived.

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