As the Birthday Boy once said: “Y’all know what time it is?

Public Enemy’s infamous hype man has gained another year, and like fine wine, as he ages he only gains more flava. While the inimitable Mister F. is notorious for packing more personality into his body than his diminutive size suggests, don’t be fooled by his clownish antics and questionable relationship choices: He’s actually a musical genius. No kidding — according to buddy and Public Enemy frontman Chuck D., Flavor is a musical prodigy who can play 15 instruments, and mastered several as a young lad in a church choir. And get this — he also graduated from culinary school. Don’t judge a book by its cover, even if that particular book wears a huge clock on a chain around its neck and tops its head with a horned viking helmet; brilliant people are often oddballs.

But speaking of questionable relationship choices: Tubi TV’s viewers are addicted to the world FF helped create, including shows like Strange Love (about his unusual relationship with towering actress Brigitte Nielsen), I Love New York (featuring Flavor of Love finalist Tiffany Pollard, aka “New York”), and even shows inspired by the format, such as For the Love of Ray Jand Rock of Love.

What better way to celebrate the birthday of this hip-hop icon than by binge-watching his best moments — or those of his camera-seeking reality-show colleagues?

Yeeeah, boyeee!

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