Big things are happening here at Tubi TV! Our San Francisco-based viewing platform which offers the largest online library of free movies and TV has partnered with star YouTube influencer Nostalgia Critic to highlight some of our more intriguing offerings.

With Tubi TV’s catalogue of over 40,000 shows and films, it can sometimes be tricky to know where to start. Sure, (and its Tubi TV app on Android, iOS, Roku, Xbox and more) has a wide array of categories such as Oscar Nods, Not on Netflix, and Comedies. But with new content coming and going every month, Tubi TV teamed up with‘s Nostalgia Critic to break down some key films that need to be seen.

As aways, the Nostalgia Critic’s geeky, spontaneous, and ultimately brilliant movie breakdowns are on-point and hilarious.

You can catch his short series “You GOTTA See This” streaming live on Tubi TV’s Android and Roku Apps, on Tubi TV’s Facebook page, or Channel Awesome’s YouTube channel.

Stay tuned, as more Nostalgia Critic is on its way to the Tubi TV platform!



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