The Beaver is a 2011 drama film directed and starring Jodie Foster, written by Kyle Killen, and starring Mel Gibson, Anton Yelchin, and Jennifer Lawrence.

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Walter Black (Mel Gibson), the head of a failing toy company, is deeply depressed. His marriage to Meredith (Jodie Foster) is broken and his oldest son, Porter (Anton Yelchin), hates him. When Meredith finally throws him out of the house, Walter begins his final tailspin. Drunk and alone, Walter is about to commit suicide — but is saved by the voice of the beaver puppet he found in a dumpster. Wearing the puppet on his hand, Walter speaks only through it and tries to get his life on track.

Sean Burns (The Improper Bostonian) It doesn’t quite work, but it does provide something of a cinematic exorcism for the public’s increasingly conflicted relationship with Gibson. Full Review
Will Leitch (Deadspin) Thinks it’s a whimsical tale of a man finding himself, but Gibson thinks it’s the tale of a man losing his mind. Full Review
Amy Curtis (We Got This Covered) Jodie Foster’s The Beaver had its moments, but the overall premise just didn’t fly. I just couldn’t buy the idea of the talking puppet. Full Review
Roger Moore (Tribune News Service) Mel Gibson’s last hurrah Full Review
Ben Kendrick (ScreenRant) A unique and thoughtful project that showcases a charming, as well as unconventional, character journey — and one of Gibson’s best roles to date. Full Review
Michael Dequina ( The device of the beaver is a constant distraction from what is otherwise a compelling tale of a man and family in crisis. Full Review
Leah Rozen (TheWrap) It’s a bummer of a movie — dark and at cross-purposes with both itself and any image do-over [Gibson] might be seeking. Full Review
Joseph Proimakis (Movies for the Masses) Sthn trith ths skhnothetikh apopeira, h Jodie Foster akomh den exei piasei thn ennoia toy rakor, alla ayto einai to mikrotero ap’ ta problhmata mias dramenti poy pairnei to thema ths katathlipshs arketa elafra, gia na thes na thn aytoktonhseis Full Review
Neil Pond (American Profile) Moviegoers probably won’t be interested in seeing Mel Gibson in an onscreen train wreck that reminds them so much of the mess he’s made of his real life. Full Review
Jules Brenner (Cinema Signals) Put the puppet back into the dumpster. Full Review
Tim Martain (The Mercury) Aside from having a title that turns me into a puerile, sniggering teenager every time I talk about it, The Beaver is a heartbreakingly good movie. Full Review
Enrique Buchichio (Uruguay Total) Se maneja en el filo entre la comedia absurda y el drama lacrimógeno, una combinación no siempre efectiva. Dentro de un buen elenco se destaca el intento de Mel Gibson por volver a los primeros planos. Full Review
Amy Killin (Moviedex) The Beaver makes for a creative portrayal of mental illness, and of family life around those who live in the dark, reaching a fine balance of drama and comedy. Full Review
William Kostakis (MovieFIX) Jodie Foster’s The Beaver is a film about mental illness that, refreshingly, isn’t like most films about mental illness. Full Review
Margaret Pomeranz (At the Movies (Australia)) Mel Gibson is quite wonderful as Walter and it’s to Foster’s credit that she is able to balance the serious with the bizarre so convincingly. Full Review
Thomas Caldwell (Cinema Autopsy) The Beaver is one of the strangest and most inconsistent dramas in recent years. Full Review
Ed Gibbs (Sydney Morning Herald) This is a wholly wasted opportunity for Gibson — and a disappointing misfire from Foster. Full Review
Andrew L. Urban (Urban Cinefile) It is a totally manufactured product, this film, completely free of sincerity and reality Full Review
Louise Keller (Urban Cinefile) There’s a strong and positive sub-text to the story, offering a depth of understanding to an often considered subject that is taboo. But whether audiences will buy Gibson talking with the hand is another question Full Review
Mike Scott (Times-Picayune) A heartfelt and compassionate portrait of mental illness. Full Review

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