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Kickboxer 2 (also known as Kickboxer 2: The Road Back) is a 1991 American martial arts film directed by Albert Pyun and written by David S. Goyer.

Starring: Sasha Mitchell, Peter Boyle, Dennis Chan, John Diehl, Michele Qissi

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Asian villains pick a fight with a Los Angeles kickboxer (Sasha Mitchell) whose brother beat them in Bangkok.

Duane Byrge (Hollywood Reporter) Even the cultivated sportsmen who fill the end zones at Raiders games might find this bloody, sadistic display of mayhem beneath their entertainment standards.
John Ferguson (Radio Times) Kickboxer 2 explores much the same territory as its predecessor, although this time there’s no Jean-Claude Van Damme, who by the time this sequel was made had moved on to bigger (though not necessarily better) things. Full Review
(TV Guide’s Movie Guide) This blood, which seems to change color and texture every time it shows up, keeps coming and coming as if it were a substitute for dialogue. The scenes outside of the ring are even more excruciating. Full Review
Michael Wilmington (Los Angeles Times) Kickboxer 2 is better than Kickboxer, the 1989 Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle that spawned it. But you have to realize this is a relative judgment, since that first movie… is widely regarded as a cinematic disgrace. Full Review
Clint Morris (Moviehole) Kickboxer 2 is laughable fun. It’s got cheesy 80’s style motivational music (you know the kind that worked for Rocky), over-the-top action sequences and cardboard thin performances – but all in all it’s still a good boys boast.

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