Here, at Tubi TV, we’ve always had a special connection with horror movies. At times, various members of our team (me) have watched horror movies alone in a dark room while it’s raining outside. It’s a great exercise for fast-twitch neck movements and also the main reason why all of the chairs in my apartment are backed against a wall.  That’s why we’re pleased to team up with Dread Central for #TubiHorrorFest, the longest horror movie marathon ever! Read more below:


The Countdown of Horror Films Lasts Eight Days and Introduces The Availability of Live TV on Facebook and OTT Platforms

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, OCTOBER 23, 2015 – Tubi TV, the largest provider of free TV and movies, and Dread Central, the premier website for horror news and entertainment, today announced, #TubiHorrorFest, the longest horror movie marathon ever. Over the course of eight days and 192 hours, Tubi TV will stream more than 80 horror movies in eight different genres, with a new featured genre each day. The marathon will be available on Facebook and Roku.

“Live television programming on set-top devices is the next big industry movement as thousands of people cut the cord each day,” said Farhad Massoudi, CEO and Founder, Tubi TV. “In being the first  premium content provider to bring live television to Facebook, we’re excited to work with Dread Central to curate our library of the most diverse horror content ever seen and deliver it to the most diverse audience of horror fans in the world.”

The marathon starts at 12:01am PST Saturday and runs through Halloween. The #TubiHorrorFest programming schedule by genre starts with Zombie Saturday, Slasher Sunday, Supernatural Monday, Teen Tuesday, Psychological Wednesday, Risque Thursday, Action Friday, and ends with Freestyle Halloween. Previous record-holding television marathons include 12 straight days of The Simpsons and 19 days of SNL. #TubiHorrorFest will be the longest horror movie marathon ever.

“Tubi TV is way ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering quality films free of charge,” said Steve Barton, Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder, Dread Central. “We’re stoked beyond words and couldn’t be happier to embark on this dark yet fun journey into horror’s favorite day of the year.”

About Tubi TV
Tubi TV is disrupting the pay-for-play television model by freeing TV and movies across all viewing platforms. With over 40,000 titles, Tubi TV is the largest provider of free and legal TV shows and movies on the Web, mobile, and Connected TV devices.  Silicon Valley to Hollywood investors, include Foundation Capital, Bobby Yazdani, and Mark Amin, amongst others.

Tubi TV is powered by adRise, the leading monetization platform for content distributors and brand advertisers. Find out more at or download our app on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Samsung.

About Dread Central is the premier website for breaking news, original content and active community in horror entertainment, covering movies, TVs, Blu-rays, video games, collectibles, live events and music. is the largest independently owned website dedicated to the horror genre.


Here’s a complete breakdown of our daily schedule:

10/24: People, It’s What’s for Dinner – Zombie Saturday
– MOVIES: George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead, The Terror Experiment, Gangsters, Guns and Zombies, Aaah!!! Zombies!!!, Toxic Zombies, Outpost: Black Sun, Zombie Brigade, Zombie Undead, All Souls Day

10/25: No Surgeon Needed – Slasher Sunday
– MOVIES: The Clown Murders, After School Massacre, Bunnyman Massacre, Hack, Staunton Hill, Murder Mansion, The Hike, Wrestlemaniac, Hell’s Caretaker, Brutal Massacre: A Comedy, The Tooth Fairy, Slaughtered

10/26: WTF Is Going On? – Supernatural Monday
– MOVIES: The Attic, Flesh Feast, Eternal Damn Nation, The Mummy Theme Park, Dead And Deader, Jezebeth, Hell On Earth, The Fallen Ones, Alien 3000, Remmer, Call Of The Devil, Plan 9

10/27: Smells Like Teen Slaughter – Teen Tuesday
– MOVIES: Horror House On Highway Five, Masters Of Horror, Thankskilling, Madman, The Demented, Five Across The Eyes, Haunting Me, The Cook

10/28: Kill Me, Please – Psychological Wednesday
– MOVIES: The Dead Outside, The Girl Next Door, My Sweet Killer, Breathing Room, Dementia 13, Art Of The Devil, The Loved Ones, VLOG, Malignant, Find Me, The Last Light, Happy Camp, Die Before I Wake

10/29: Too Sexy, Too S…. – Risque Thursday
– MOVIES: The Shiver of the Vampires, When Death Calls, Bikini Bloodbath Christmas, Bikini Bloodbath Carwash, Demon Lover, Pervertigo, Chastity Bites, American Grindhouse, The Thirst, Fetish Dolls Die Laughing, Mindflesh

10/30: Your Muscles are Useless – Action Friday
– MOVIES: The Devil Inside, Blackout, Super Hybrid, iMurders, Masters Of Horror, Beneath, The Victim, Dark Mountain, Cold Creepy Feeling, Room 6, Attack Of The Killer Backpacks, The Lodge

10/31: Freestyle Halloween!!!!
– MOVIES: Masters of Horror episodes 1-12

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Tubi TV and Dread Central Team for the Longest Horror Movie Marathon in History! - Dread Central · October 23, 2015 at 3:57 pm

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Tubi TV and Dread Central Team for the Longest Horror Movie Marathon in History! | Horror News, Reviews & Horror Movie Trailers · October 23, 2015 at 11:32 pm

[…] For more info please visit the programming schedule here! […]

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