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There. We said it.

Just like Vinnie Chase was Queens Boulevard, we, at Tubi TV, are Silicon Valley. And we won’t stand idly by as the likes of Gavin Belson attempts to muddle the entrepreneurial and disruptive spirit of Silicon Valley. That’s why, in a series of billboards and transit terminals in — and around — San Francisco, you’ll see that we mean business and we won’t back down.

Say “no” to the Belsons, the Hoolis, the Comcasts, the Netflixs, the contracts, and say “yes” to disruption, innovation, technology, creativity, and freedom.

Join our Tubi TV team.

Do you like air? Because at Tubi TV, you’re free to breath it!

At the Hoolis of the world, you join bureaucracy — you breath air when they tell you you can, at cost, under a monthly limit, and under their strict guidelines.

At Tubi TV, we’re the future of the television viewing experience. We’re freeing TV and Movies for all to enjoy, when and where they want to enjoy it.

Now say it with us: HOOLI SUCKS!


Join the revolution here.

Kevin L.
Growth, Tubi TV

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