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Living in San Francisco is like living in a little tech bubble, and the residents of this bubble are self-proclaimed geeks. I mean, we’re the coolest geeks you’ll ever meet, but geeks nonetheless. We love it, we embrace it.

That’s why this week is such a big deal! It’s TechCrunch Disrupt, the conference where like-minded techies from all over come to our city to celebrate innovation, leadership, and start ups. Starting with the Disrupt Hackthon over the weekend, and moving into a 3-day conference, TC Disrupt is where trends are set and inspiration is found.

So, with all these wonderful geeks descending upon our city, what better time than now to highlight some of our goofiest, guiltiest, and above all geekiest content?

We’ve dug deep into the Tubi TV vault to bring together our best titles featuring a different side of your favorite renowned geeks, as well as introducing our best sci-fi, comic, and overall geek-approved movies and TV shows.

Be sure to check out our Geek Week category on Tubi TV, and keep up with all the best parts of TC Disrupt by following us on Twitter (@tubitv). We’ll be using #TCGeekWeek. So, keep an eye out and happy watching, fellow glorious geeks!

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