So you’re asking what does adRise have to do with Foundation Capital and Netflix. Some of you may be asking “who’s Foundation Capital?”. Good question. We’ll answer that shortly. If you’re asking “What’s Netflix?” — well, you might be reading the wrong blog.

After a customary courtship of startup and VC firm between adRise and Foundation Capital, a leading VC firm in Silicon Valley, a VC financing round resulted.

Foundation Capital is a great partner for us because they’ve had great success with both technology and content-focused companies. The best example is their investment in Netflix, on which they still sit on the board. I’m not sure if the analogy really works, but we’re now sort of in-laws to the content-technology Goliath that is Netflix.

Foundation Capital is an investor in a lot of other great companies that are relevant to us, including Freewheel, which is standard for content owners who want to track their rights and revenue across various digital platforms. And, yes, Freewheel and adRise have done an integration already so content owners can use Freewheel to monitor and schedule their ad campaigns on Connected TVs via adRise’s apps or ad SDKs.

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