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We just released our first White Paper along with a PR for “The Connected TV Market Report”. There’s lots of fun facts about what viewers are doing on CTV devices. What differentiates this data is that it’s based on what we’ve collected (of course non-PII) from actual CTV viewers and CTV apps. 

Here’s the summary:

CTV Usage is Surging: We see usage among all CTV devices increasing and, in aggregate, that has led to a 25x growth surge among the apps we monitor.

Fragmentation is Real: The CTV market’s greatest hurdle is the fragmented device landscape that requires building apps and ad SDKs for each device. Fear not, solutions are here.

Long-form Content Dominates: Unlike the web with short-form content, viewers are consuming long-from content by a 4:1 ratio.

Premium Content Rules: CTV isn’t about cat videos and short clips. Contrary to popular belief, long-form premium video content dominates CTV devices and established players such as Netflix, Amazon, Starz, HBO, ESPN, and others have been leading the way.

Primetime, but on CTV: Advertisers take note – viewers are investing their heaviest use of CTV apps during primetime TV hours, on both the weeknights and weekends.

CTV Ads Outperform: CTV ads have an astounding 95% completion rate and long-form ads perform nearly as well.

Who’s Watching CTV?: We have a lot of data on this subject, but essentially it is the highly educated, high-income viewers who are slightly more female than male. Also, 50% of CTV viewers are 27 years old or younger and 85% of CTV viewers are 47 years old or younger.

Get the PR and the White Paper.

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