Showing video ads on Connected TVs is really easy. 

Actually, that’s completely untrue. 

Ad SDKs enable video ads to be targeted and delivered properly. To build ad SDKs for the fragmented Connected TV platforms is really hard since there are at least 15+ major Connected TV players. That’s 15+ ad SDKs that need to be developed and maintained on TV platforms, which are not exactly the easiest development environments.

What adRise does is create ad SDKs for all the major TV platforms so that both advertisers and content owners can attain scale by aggregating the large sum of viewers from among the fragmented Connected TV marketplace.

(As an aside, when we refer to “Connected TVs”, we’re talking about Internet connected TVs, Bluray players, OTT boxes, game consoles, and software layers like Google and Yahoo TV, and tablets. Now, back to the post.)

So, adRise has developed all of these SDKs for Connected TVs. It’s sort of insane doing this type of development. That’s why no one else is doing this to the scale that we are. 

There’s a ton of FUD and frankly BS marketing out there where companies claim they can target and deliver video ads on Connected TVs. But, if they don’t have the required SDKs, they can’t really do this if they also want to be compliant with all the advertiser’s requirements for third party ad tracking.  

So if you’re a content owner or advertiser and you’re trying to determine whether a company can really deliver video ads onto Connected TVs, just verify whether that company has the requisite ad SDK for that TV platform and whether they have any apps out there currently using that SDK. If they say yes to both and you’ve verified it, then they are likely legit.

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